Ad Hominem is a logical fallacy, usually brought up as ultimate last resort by someone who refuses to admit their mistakes. It consists of calling bullshit on the person making the argument with unrelated claims on them, rather than refuting the argument itself.
Person 1: "Cannabis kills people after the first time."
Person 2: "It actually doesn't, here's why and evidence for it."
Person 1: "You're a fucking stupid pothead who needs to get a life! Eat shit and die!"
— An example of an Ad Hominem
IMPORTANT: Most retards mistakenly believe that every insult counts as an Ad Hominem. It's very important to note that making insults against your opponent does not count as an Ad Hominem if you have addressed their arguments. However, if you have ignored their arguments and basically used your insults as way to dismiss them, that's when they count as Ad Hominems.
Person 1: "The globe Earth is a lie made up by the government to deceive people and divert them from the truth of the Bible! The Earth is flat!"
Person 2: "What? Are you really that fucking retarded you fucking imbecilic nutjob? The shape of the Earth is an oblate spheroid and here is mathematical, geometrical and visual evidence that proves it. Next time try to educate yourself before making ignorant comments you delusional fucktarded cuntwit."
— An example for when insults do not count as Ad Hominems



Tim Black's first video that was featured on the podcast was a response to TJ's video "How To Come Out As An Atheist". The peasants refuted most of his arguments. Tim made a video afterwards in response to their commentary, which entirely consisted of him attacking TJ rather than the points he made against Tim. It is fair to say, though, that Tim turned out to be a pretty cool guy on Episode 37, and he discussed about various subjects with the peasants much more peacefully.

Tommy Sotomayor's first video that was featured on the podcast was a ridiculing narrative about a transgender kid who committed suicide. The peasants addressed his bullshit and transphobia as well as how incompetent he was as a supposed news reporter. Uncle Tommy's response completely ignored all the fair criticism sent his way, followed by a colossal race card by latching on a sarcastic remark TJ made regarding watermelons, as well as a display of how superior he is due to having a motherfucking badass garage.

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