"Abandon Hope" (also known as the "The TJ Show" as nicknamed by the DP fans), is the special sibling of the Drunken Peasants Podcast. It's normally 50-60 minutes long, and is hosted on The Amazing Athiest channel. Coming live from the frigid armpit of TJ, the TJ show with TJ and TJ brings you opinions of the news from a TJ perspective. The show was started without being discussed publicly, and It is not known if the show is done regularly. The show also features a "butt of the day", but it is unknown if it has been opproved by the Butt King himself. Becuase of the failed attempts to use clips to entice more casual viewers to watch the podcast, It is thought that the TJ Show is designed to be an adaptation or alternative to the podcast to draw in a different demographic of viewers.

TJ show

The second episode of the TJ show, where TJ disaggrees with TJ over free speech and open discussion, taking control of TJ's channel and blocking critics. TJ doesn't like this, so he sabotages the show by making a bunch of accounts to criticize TJ, but TJ blocks them. TJ should be more considerate to TJ though, as it is known that when TJ gets sick, he turns into a compete bitch.


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