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""Think of your life as being like a big slide in pitch black room. Once you're born you are immediately sliding down it and you can't see the bottom you have no idea when the end is coming, and maybe there are some things you can do to slow down the decent, but you really have no idea if those things are actually helping until you get to the end. No matter what it will end." "
—- Buckley, A Dose of Buckley #201, Bacon: It's Cancer-riffic!

ADoseOfBuckley (real name Adam Buckley, born September 4, 1981) is a Canadian YouTuber and radio host from London, Ontario. He is recognized by his fans for his "anger" while allegedly being funny (we're using the word "funny" VERY generously here) at the same time.

Buckley does not actually identify as a youtuber, but as a "(shitty) comedian who uses youtube as a way to deliver content."


He hates pan and believes everyone who smokes it should be rounded up and gassed. His only appearance on the Drunken Peasants was in Episode 48.

In actuality, he thinks "weed addicts" are pieces of shit which is true to some extent, but it still doesn't make a whole lot of sense. He actually makes some decent videos, but his 420 video was shit.

He bases his over-generalization of cannabis users as a whole from bad experiences with weed users in the past, much like Sean Hannity.

Content on his Channel

Top 10 Worst Songs of 20xx- A series in which Buckley counts down the worst songs of the current year. This series, specifically his "Top 10 Worst Songs of 2010" video, which has over 3+ million views,gave him a lot of popularity.

Musical Autopsy- Buckley reviews a specific song or a particular artist.

Scumbags of the Internet- In this series, Buckley finds shitty people on the internet and "expose" them.

Buckley's Tweeting Rainbow- He simply reads tweets from famous rappers and makes fun of them. Although in 2015, he mocked rappers who were being melodramatic about the departure of Zayn Malik from One Direction.

Plenty of Pricks- A series in which Buckley reads ignorant and/or perverted tweets from people, particularly Bachelors

Advice No one Asked for- Like the title suggests, Buckley gives advice to people who never asked.

Jason's J'Opinions- A series where Buckley parodies YouTube vloggers with his character Jason. Jason was killed off when a fan sent him some sort of powder that gave him anthrax.


  • He is pro-weed.
  • He was never molested, or sexually assaulted/harassed as described in his videos.
  • He hates being described as a "YouTuber" even though he makes YouTube videos (fuck him, he's categorized as a YouTuber. He's a YouTuber).
  • It is suspected that he has raped TJ repeatedly.
  • He has talked about this page on Reddit.
  • He needs to get fucking high.
  • He's a pretentious asshole who thinks that drug addicts are 'pieces of shit', despite most drug addicts not being able to help themselves. TJ destroyed that argument in a blog post called 'An Even Opener Letter To A Dose Of Buckley' in response to Buckley's an open letter to the amazing atheist', in which TJ destroyed every argument he made and exposed Buckley as a pretentious pseudo intellectual.
  • He made fun of a site that raised awareness for people who have ADD or ADHD. Also, ADD and ADHD are apparently excuses now just because we know why kids are behaving the way they do.
  • The character Jason has made six appearances to date. He's appeared in four episodes of his own series and 2 episodes of A Dose of Buckley.
  • Does not take request
  • Has made an appearance on I HATE EVERYTHING's channel and vice versa.


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